• Staff

Who’s bigger than Trump?

I love year-end wrap-ups. One of the most interesting I've seen this year is this view of trending searches.

This is a hard list to break into. The world is large, and interests are varied, so this is a benchmark of mass appeal and common interests. We had an election, an Olympics, a couple huge movies, a hurricane, some shootings and a virus outbreak. There were dreams of hitting a massive Powerball win. Prince and David Bowie died. Apple can still hype an iPhone release.

But my big takeaway? Pokemon is bigger than Trump, on both the the global and US scale. Hillary barely made the US list, which highlights the difference in marketing and entertainment skills of the 2 campaigns. Many people were actually able to ignore the entire election by staring at their phones looking in search of their next PokeBall.

I often advise marketing professionals to get out of their own head, out of their own environment and to dive into the world of the person to whom they are offering a product. The data created by your digital marketing efforts allows you to identify who finds your product interesting and will usually uncover proximal interests that are surprising. The hard part is checking your own biases at the door and making decisions in the mindset of the consumer - who may very well be playing more Pokemon Go than you are.