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Responsive Text Ads - Standard Text Ads Have Expanded Again

Starting this September, Google will roll out their Responsive Search Ads (currently available to Beta accounts only) to more accounts. Responsive text ads are able to display with three headlines up to 30 characters each, and two descriptions with up to 90 characters each. With responsive text ads, Google uses AI to determine what combination of headlines and descriptions to show to someone who is searching. The algorithm may also factor in deterministic data that Google has about the person searching, which may result in a more relevant ad for that searcher. Currently, you can enter as many as 15 headlines and four descriptions, which will be randomized by Google.

As an extension to this Beta, earlier this month, Google announced that some of the features of Responsive Search Ads would roll out to standard text ads at the end of August. For most advertisers, that functionality was enabled on 8/23/18. Standard text ads are now eligible for a 3rd Headline, and a 2nd Description, for a total of 120 new characters that can be added to your text ads.

Where to find it?

The feature is automatically enabled inside of Google Ads. Simply edit an existing ad, or create a new ad, and the option to add a 3rd Headline and 2nd Description line will be available:

What it Looks Like in the Wild

Desktop Preview

Mobile Preview

What It Means for Your Accounts

In the near term, not much, at least from the standpoint of this being a forcing function to change things in your account. As with the transition from the original standard text ads to Enhanced Text Ads in 2016, however, at some point in the future Google will likely force all advertisers over to the new ad format.

Text ads have been getting longer and bigger, for quite some time, taking up more real estate on the page. Extra character space in descriptions and headlines, ad extensions (Sitelinks, Structured Snippets, etc.) serve to deliver a more relevant ad experience via added messaging on the SERP. Responsive text ads, and this feature enhancement specifically for Standard Text ads is an extension of that effort.

As with all new features introduced in Google Ads, we always recommend taking a test and learn approach to understand the impact, positive or negative, that changes have on your accounts.