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How are you managing the continued shift to digital advertising?

Over the holidays, the IAB released their latest set of figures that track growth in the digital advertising industry. $17.6 billion was spent by US advertisers in Q3 2016, an increase of 20% year over year.

This is obviously a great trend for a digital media agency. Everyone likes to be working in an industry that is growing quickly.

But I spend most of my day thinking about my client's businesses, and the 20% growth concerns me when I think of all of the companies out there trying to make digital advertising work for them. The complexity of the digital media ecosystem continues to increase. The talent in the marketplace that understands customer behavior, messaging strategy, programmatic buying and the analytics required for competitive media optimization is not growing rapidly enough for advertisers to build out their own teams.

The world needs trustworthy performance media agencies to make sure that these valuable media dollars are driving measurable growth for our advertisers, not just the platforms and publishers from which we are buying.