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BREAKING NEWS: YouTube isn’t just for Awareness

It’s widely understood that YouTube campaigns are great for branding and awareness, but with its new offering, TrueView for Action, YouTube can be a great place to drive leads and conversions as well.

Google reports that every month, more than 1 billion people visit YouTube and watch over 6 billion hours of videos. With the launch of TrueView for Action, YouTube can help you reach the right audience and drive conversions, so you’re now paying for successful business outcomes, not just views.

What are TrueView for Action campaigns?

TrueView for Action campaigns are different from the typical YouTube campaigns, as they help drive leads and conversions by adding calls-to-action and response-oriented elements to your video ads. These features are customizable and are used to drive customers to take the desired action.

The ads run in the in-stream ad format, so they will play before, during or after another video and viewers can skip the ad after the first five seconds. Considering this, it’s important that your ad is short, sweet and grabs the viewer in the first five seconds.

There are two different bidding strategies you can use in these campaigns:

  • Target CPA: This strategy allows you to pay for conversions rather than views. In order to use target CPA bidding, you’ll need Google Ads conversion tracking in place, and the campaign will need to run long enough for the algorithm to fully learn, which could be a few weeks. It’s important to note that the recommended threshold of conversions for this method is 50 per week.

  • Maximize Conversions: The Maximize Conversions bidding strategy uses machine learning to generate as many conversions as possible, within a set budget. This option is recommended if you receive less than 50 conversions per week.

As for targeting, you’re able to reach the right audience by Custom Intent audiences, keywords, demographics, topics or life events.

It’s clear that YouTube is moving beyond just awareness and can be used as more of a direct response channel, with the launch of TrueView for Action. Now, adding YouTube to your media mix could be beneficial for direct response objectives, beyond awareness and branding.

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